AMA about up and coming company "Collective Consciousness": Taking action to fight poverty and spread a positive message to make the world a better place.

Marwan Hussein
Jan 12, 2018

Mission Statement: In this world of light and dark, we must grow the light inside of us to spread more light throughout the world to nourish those lost in the dark. About: What this world needs now, is love sweet love. This song was sung in 1965, and to this day, war, famine, poverty, and oppression of all kinds still ravage our planet. For millennium upon millennium strong figures throughout history have tried to instill in mankind strong virtues to guide us through the dark and keep us whole, but still so many forsake them for quick selfish gain. Is it not time we should rise above such embarrassments and overcome corruption as a species? I stand as one compassionate warrior, striving to overcome evil and ignorance in myself for the betterment of us all. Will you join me?

Visit us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/CConsciousness/

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How do you view injustices like racial or religious discrimination in your country?

Jan 12, 4:14PM EST1

Racial discrimination is a sad state of affairs. Those who are racist are extremely mislead. Collective Consciousness takes a strong stand against racism.

Jan 16, 1:21AM EST0
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Any thoughts on cyberbullying? What can we do to stop this?

Jan 12, 1:52PM EST0

Cyberbullying, just like verbal abuse in real life, is unfortunate, and I take a stand against it. Unfortunately I believe the only thing that can be done to stop it is education, and to ignore the culprits. It is the result of a lack of maturity on the part of the cyberbully. Although perhaps this could use more attention on my part.

Jan 16, 1:24AM EST0

Have you experienced any injustices in your life? How did this change your outlook?

Jan 12, 11:32AM EST0

I have. I have experienced social injustice in small situations such as bullying in school to verbal abuse from others as well as loss of property. It has helped me grow. I am a firm believer that the harsh things in life help us grow and cultivate us into stronger people the way a chisel forms a stuatue. 

Jan 16, 1:26AM EST0

Can you share to us a little bit about your background and what draw/inspired you to start this cause?

Jan 12, 9:06AM EST0

I have always hated injustice since I was a child. As I've grown I've seen many people around me lose hope and desire suicide or other forms of self harm as a means to cope with their problems. I chose to be the person to come to as a shoulder to cry on, and as I could be there for my friends growing up, I want to be there for others as much as I can in the world, and I hope this facebook page and whatever else I can grow this movement into can accomplish that.

Jan 16, 1:28AM EST0

What does Collective Consciousness aim to achieve this year and the coming years?

Jan 12, 8:48AM EST0

My immediate goals for Collective Consciousness are to gain more followers. The more eyes that see the positive messages I spread, the better. In addition to that I want to produce another installment of my video series "In Their Shoes", focusing on the problem of homelessness, soon.

Jan 16, 1:30AM EST0

What else would you like to accomplish in the next 3-5 years?

Jan 12, 5:21AM EST0

That is a very good question. It was not until recently that I decided to take Collective Consciousness in the direction of video production with my series "In Their Shoes". In the next 3-5 years I am hoping I can produce more videos and perhaps even a feature length movie if possible. With my Bachelors in Cinematic Arts, I have been seeking to make movies that spread a positive and Godly message, and I hope to make Collective Consciousness an avenue to make that happen.

Jan 16, 1:32AM EST0

Do you currently work or coordinate with a specific government agency?

Jan 11, 7:24PM EST0

Unfortunately I do not. Collective Consciousness is still a rather small organization, if it can even be called that. But there is always room to grow.

Jan 16, 1:32AM EST0

In your opinion, others view homeless people as a problem to the society who just don't want to work hard, how should people treat them?

Jan 11, 5:08PM EST0

People should treat the homeless for what they are: human beings. They deserve the same respect as everyone else. Not having a home does not make one any less of a person with rights. There are many causes for homelessness. Though there are some who do not want to work, I find that the majority are looking for work and cannot acquire it without a street address, or they do work, but still cannot afford rent.

Last edited @ Jan 16, 1:35AM EST.
Jan 16, 1:34AM EST0

Do you have other social media sites or links where we can check you out?

Jan 11, 4:38PM EST0

Currently facebook is the only social media presence that I have.

Jan 16, 1:35AM EST0

How many people are working with you at the moment, what are you trying to accomplish and what duties does each one perform?

Jan 11, 2:56PM EST0

At the moment, I am the only one behind Collective Consciousness. I am trying to accomoplish the goal of building a social media community of positive outreach to spread an uplifting message. Future aspirations include film making for the same purpose.

Jan 16, 1:36AM EST0

As an advocate of peace, what advice can you share to everyone regardless of race, culture and religion?

Jan 11, 10:53AM EST0

The best adivce I can give is simple: "Love thy neighbor as thyself". Treat others the way you want to be treated. If everyone did this there would be so fewer problems between people. Communication and seeking understanding with others are key to good relations between anyone anywhere.

Jan 16, 1:37AM EST0

Issues on child abuse, child labor and child trafficking, do you think the government lacks measures to protect children?

Jan 11, 9:51AM EST0

These are all very sad issues. I have not taken measures to prevent these issues aside from supporting charities that take a stand against them. As far as government involvement is concerned, I do beleive that they do a considerable amount to protect children. What is your opinion?

Jan 16, 1:39AM EST0

What do you think is the most challenging part of working as an advocate for a cause like this?

Jan 11, 6:55AM EST0

The biggest challenge is gaining and maintaining a large following. I've lost probably 10 followers or a few more since I started the page, for unknown reasons. Still I am only six people away from reaching 300 followers. I am looking to grow my following as much as possible in the years to come.

Last edited @ Jan 16, 1:40AM EST.
Jan 16, 1:39AM EST0

Who is the biggest influence in your life?

Jan 11, 6:51AM EST0

The biggest influence in my life? That is a good question. People I've met or historical figures? My mother is definitely the number one person who has inspired me to be compassionate and caring, of the people I've known in person. 

Jan 16, 1:42AM EST0

Is there a particular advocacy that you would like to focus on at the moment? What is that?

Jan 10, 8:13PM EST0

What I advocate most is helping the homeless. Giving to charities is good, but you just can't beat handing a real person a real dollar or a real hot meal. I advocate giving to the poor on a regular basis.

Jan 16, 1:43AM EST1
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Have you already laid out plans on what to do next? Can you share to us what you and your team will be doing?

Jan 10, 5:07PM EST0

I wish I had a team, lol. Currently I do not have an hard set future plans. I have ambiguous goals such as growing my following and filming more projects. I plan to implement my graphc design skills soon as well.

Jan 16, 1:44AM EST1

Your Facebook page has a collection of inspirational videos with positive messages,which among them do you like the most? Why so?

Jan 10, 6:49AM EST0

Oh, there are so many, it's hard to say. I really enjoy the videos from One Path. Being a Muslim, myself, I find their work most inspiring, though I try to keep my page neutral when it comes to religion, I do post things on the topic of Islam and also Christianity from time to time. Quotes from Mother Teresa are among my favorites as well.

Jan 16, 1:46AM EST0
The subjects on disagreements to hatred, anger to violence and criticism to incitement, where do we draw the line? Any thoughts?
Jan 10, 5:48AM EST0

I'm not sure I understand the question fully. hatred, anger, and criticism should never be our reaction to stimuli that comes our way. Bearing patiently and "turning the other cheek" is the policy I advocate, though it can be difficult. I always advocate walking away as a "higher road" to take. Where would I draw the line? I would draw the line at any sort of retaliation measures at right before the retaliation actually comes out of your mouth. Did that answer your question?

Jan 16, 1:48AM EST0
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