Hi my name is Jeff Stoker founder of Camp Fire Ministries AMA about my ministry.

Jeff Stoker
Sep 20, 2017

Camp Fire Ministries is a street outreach type ministry that seeks out the spiritually lost and offers hope for a biblical perspective.  When funds are available we all help provide food clothes and shelter to those in need. Our ministry is done right out of our home in Pleasant Hill Louisiana. We are willing to travel to evangelize area's that need hope. Also on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcBUM3_LWfAnNaDw8zzh97g

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cfmfire

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Hi Jeff I'd like to ask, how would a religion contribute in finding peace on Earth?

Sep 20, 12:38PM EDT1

Religion I don't think will ever bring peace on Earth. The fact of the mater is only Jesus will bring true peace up on his soon return. In fact he taught us there would be great tribulation upon the earth before his return where a false Christ AKA the antichrist which is will be a world leader will persecute all Christians many of us will die for our faith before Jesus returns to make things right. At that point there will be peace on Earth for 1000 yrs under the rule of Jesus our Lord and Savior. Until that point things will only get worse. 

Sep 20, 2:34PM EDT1
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What is the most important thing that religion and faith can teach us?

Sep 20, 3:12AM EDT1

The salvation of Jesus Christ. That gets you to heaven after this life ends.

Sep 20, 8:38AM EDT1
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What is your religion?

Sep 19, 7:04PM EDT1

I am a Christian however I don't really consider my faith a religion I see it more as a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

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Sep 19, 7:27PM EDT1

Do you feel that your faith has helped you through harder times?

Sep 19, 1:09PM EDT1

Absolutely Jesus is always there guiding use through every struggle we go through. No matter how bad the situation seems know who I  am in Jesus  Christ keeps me at peace and you can have that same peace in Christ as well.

Sep 19, 1:23PM EDT1
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Do you believe in Heaven and/or Hell?

Sep 19, 10:57AM EDT1

Yes I believe in both heaven and hell. 


Sep 19, 1:16PM EDT1
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Are you offering a platform for various religions to monetize or what exactly is your website all about?

Sep 19, 3:14AM EDT1

I only share Jesus Christ as he is salvation. Religion can't save no one only Jesus can. Patreon is only a platform I use to share my faith it act as a social media. 

Sep 19, 7:43AM EDT1
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What do you think of religions with many deities?

Sep 19, 1:45AM EDT1

Well there is only 1 true God. Any faith that worships many deittes is worshiping false gods. I do believe in what is called the trinity which means God is 3 entities that are one and the same which is God the father, God the son which is Jesus Christ, and God the holy ghost.

Sep 19, 7:36AM EDT1
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How long have you been actively practising your religion?

Sep 19, 12:41AM EDT1

I've be serving Jesus for about 21 yrs. now.

Sep 19, 7:26AM EDT1
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What would you do if you were feeling depressed? How would you get yourself out of that feeling?

Sep 18, 9:14PM EDT1

I would pray and ask Jesus to guide me through it as I have already been through many times of depression in my walk with Jesus and he has brought me through everytime. Times of depression are a normal part of life.

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Sep 18, 9:56PM EDT1
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Are there any particular things you MUST do in order to abide by your religion's rules?

Sep 18, 7:43PM EDT1

The biggest thing is realize that you are an imerfact sinner, repent of your sin by  acknowledging Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins resurrected 3 days later and ascended into heaven. Then accept him as Lord and savior through obediace strive to be sin free.

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Sep 18, 7:55PM EDT1
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Do you go to church regularly?

Sep 18, 6:33PM EDT1

Well I never left the church. The church is the body of believers worldwide not a building. Now if you meant do I assemble or congregate with other believers I in a church body then yes I do. We strongly believe that as Christians we should assemble with other believers not just on Sunday and Wednesday but every opportunity possible.

Sep 18, 6:52PM EDT1
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I'm confused, your website is about christianity but your mission says 'Oh, nothing short of helping every creator in the world achieve sustainable income. We’re making this happen by building the best platform for creators to make money, run their creative businesses, and connect with the fans who matter most.' So you welcome other religions too?

Sep 18, 6:31PM EDT1
  • If you are looking at Patreon that platform is a social media/ministry ome of support platform that I use to get my message out I do video for my ministry. However you do not have to pay anything or be a creator on Patreon to follow my channel on the platform I am not about the money I'm about spreading salvation of Jesus. Patreon just gives an option to support my ministry I really don't ask for it but don't turn it away if someone feels lead . A 2 better places to go would be my YouTube channel or Facebook I also listed in the above.  
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Sep 18, 6:46PM EDT1
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How many people are in your ministry?

Sep 18, 3:08PM EDT1

If your refering to "staff" it's just me and my wife that run it. If your refering to following than about 15 to 20 we advise and teach in our area. On our Facebook like page we have about 253 followers. On YouTube we have 370 subscribers.

Sep 18, 3:27PM EDT1
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What do you think of the Faithless?

Sep 18, 1:23PM EDT1

It is the faithless who we need to reach out to the most and teach them to put their faith in Jesus Christ.

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Sep 18, 2:10PM EDT1
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I checked out your website but I don't get it. Can you explain the function of your website and how you intend to help people? What exactly do you do or offer?

Sep 18, 1:22PM EDT1

Patreon is a platform that acts as a combination of social media and pledge type support for those that use it and the way it can help others as far as my ministry is A. It allows me to post video message transferred from YouTube as well as text posting so if I  want to share a scripture I can. B.  It allows those that wish to support my ministry to make a monthly pledge for as little as $1 per month. Which by your support allows me to help those in need. The main goal of my ministry is to get the message of salvation out.

Sep 18, 2:04PM EDT1
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Do you think the decline of morals has to do with the lack of religion nowadays?

Sep 18, 12:49PM EDT1

I don't  think the immorality has to do with lack of religion so much as the lack of a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and savior. Although christianity has been labeled as a "religion" I don't see it as such. 

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Sep 18, 1:14PM EDT1
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Are you active on social media? Also, have you created a crowdfunding website?

Sep 18, 11:36AM EDT1

Yes I am active on social media. as far as crowdfunding I don't do this for the money I do it because it's what Jesus called me to do. Now I have used crowdfunding when I have felt lead to help someone else and didn't have the funds to help out of my pocket. I do have a Patreon acct for any that feel lead to support my ministry but I really don't expect much on that. As God provides. 

Facebook like page: https://www.facebook.com/cfmfire/

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tribulationwarriors/?ref=group_cover

Current Crowd Funding Project: https://www.facebook.com/donate/297416097406966/1637878072924172/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-3Rl9QcGSo&list=FLcBUM3_LWfAnNaDw8zzh97g

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Sep 18, 1:09PM EDT1
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What inspired you to start a ministry?

Sep 18, 7:23AM EDT1
  1. Well first of all when I gave my life to Jesus at the age of 19 I was delivered from drug addiction and witchcraft. Than I read the following scripture and It really stuck with me. Mark 16:15 Go you into all the world and preach the gospel to all creatures. 
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Sep 18, 1:01PM EDT1
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