I've transformed from an engineering professor to a spiritual philosopher.  AMA!

Tommy Wong
May 28, 2018

I've transformed from an engineering professor to a spiritual philosopher.  Over the past 10 years, I have self-published more than 15 philosophical, spiritual, and self-help books, including my autobiography “How an Engineering Professor Becomes a Spiritual Philosopher”. I’ve also written the essay “Philosophy of New Spirituality”. It is in my new book “Masters of Life on Transforming Earth into Heaven”. 


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Why did you choose to espouse your philosophy in fiction rather than nonfiction? Who and/or what has influenced your writing style?
May 31, 7:29PM EDT0

All my books are nonfiction. The books "Conversations with God" by Neale Donald Walsch have influenced me to write my books also in a conversational format.

May 31, 9:20PM EDT0
What impact do you hope your work will have on philosophers? On the public?
May 31, 1:38AM EDT0

I hope people will become better humans thereby creating a better world.

May 31, 2:45AM EDT0
What is your understanding of the spiritual practice of reverence? Why is it so important in these times and in our relationships with animals?
May 30, 4:14PM EDT0

My spiritual practice “we are all one” includes humans, animals and the environment. I respect all.

May 30, 10:54PM EDT0
What spiritual practices do you use to help you stay awake to sacred moments?
May 30, 3:40PM EDT0

Just be conscious I am a soul and not a body, then every moment is sacred.

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May 30, 10:51PM EDT0
If you had to choose a quality to become more spiritual, which one would you choose and why?
May 29, 6:14AM EDT0

More humane because spirituality is love, and to manifest love at the physical, practical level is humaneness.

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May 29, 6:36AM EDT0
Is being a spiritual philosopher the same as being a religious person? What is the difference?
May 29, 1:36AM EDT0

Yes, there is a difference. A religious person follows the spiritual beliefs of a religion. A spiritual philosopher chooses his spiritual beliefs based on reasoning.

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May 29, 3:11AM EDT0
What are the keys to live a spiritual life?
May 28, 11:25PM EDT0

The key is to live with your soul.

May 28, 11:34PM EDT0
How do you invite spirituality in your everyday life?
May 28, 8:55PM EDT0

Just see everything as spiritual.

May 28, 9:30PM EDT0

What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

May 28, 2:02PM EDT0

To relate inspirational messages to the world.

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May 28, 7:49PM EDT0
Did your relationship with faith change as part of your spiritual awakening? In what ways?
May 28, 6:24AM EDT0

I started as an atheist and then explored various religions and now settle with new spirituality.

May 28, 11:12AM EDT0

Do you think it is possible for business and spirituality to co-exist? Can a person be part of both worlds and how can one achieve this balance?

May 28, 3:59AM EDT0

Yes, it is possible. Place business ethics above profitability but the person has to be prepared to make less profit. The way to achieve the balance is to live with the soul.

May 28, 5:03AM EDT0
What do you think spirituality is? What does it mean to live a spiritual life?
May 28, 2:50AM EDT0

To believe you are a soul and not a body; live with your soul.

May 28, 3:03AM EDT0

Why do you think realists often underrate or discard philosophy?

May 28, 1:47AM EDT0

I am not sure.

May 28, 2:03AM EDT0

What were your reflections when starting your new book? From where did you garner the new thoughts or ideas for the book?

May 28, 1:31AM EDT0

The ideas come from the Great Spirit, and the contents in the books are based on my life experiences and observations.

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May 28, 2:03AM EDT0

Do you feel people sharing their experiences should be considered masters, or gurus?

May 27, 10:12PM EDT0

Everybody should be the master of its own life. So, when people share their experiences, they can be considered masters.

May 27, 10:36PM EDT0

What types of issues do you help people overcome in their lives through your books?

May 27, 4:21PM EDT0

I afraid there are too many to mention. You may feel free to browse my books on Amazon. In particular, there is a series on "Overcoming Traumas".

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May 27, 4:40PM EDT0

Tommy. What would you say is the number one way to transform earth into heaven? If there was one tool you would teach to do this, what would it be?

May 27, 10:06AM EDT0

Embrace and practice "we are all one".

May 27, 10:54AM EDT0
What do you see as being the greatest problems facing people today?
May 27, 5:39AM EDT0

Misguided teachings.

May 27, 6:17AM EDT0
Has it been an enjoyable career for you so far? Are you happy you took the route to be a philosophy lecturer and author?
May 27, 4:00AM EDT0

I am glad that I have the opportunity to do the work that I am doing now. But being a spiritual philosopher is challenging in more ways than one.

May 27, 6:13AM EDT0

How different are you as a spiritual philosopher than as an engineering professor?

May 27, 3:53AM EDT0

I am a completely different person now. My priorities and behaviour are also different.

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May 27, 5:04AM EDT0