My name is Dragana Drobnjak, just started working as a freelancer on 'up work'. I am 25 years old, married and had a child- lost my son a few months ago. Delivered him in the 7th month of pregnancy, he was a preemie baby. We were in the hospital for 7 months, 7 months of hope and extreme fear, and then he died. My heart also died with him. Ask me anything!

Dragana Drobnjak
Jun 11, 2017

I'm struggling to continue my life as normally as possible because in the meantime I became a mom of a dear boy who is now an angel in heaven, as you've read. As I am not able to work regular job yet, because I delivered my baby a few months ago, I joined Up work, as my friend suggested. It keeps my thought busy awhile, it makes my days pass easier. I had two jobs- first, a guy took my work and just disappeared (I gave him my e-mail, silly me)... Second was better, wrote an article about decluttering, and got my first 10$. I think Up work and freelance business is a pretty great opportunity. I may also say something about me- I love music, play an electric guitar, train female soccer, love to cook and bake, do yoga and meditate... Also, I love to read. I graduated University of philosophy, hope to talk about the meaning of life, and death. You can ask me anything!

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Hello there, Im sorry for your loss. How are you coping up? My mom also lost a baby 16 years ago and I can still see some traces of grief until today. That's just too heartbreaking. Hope you can recover soon :)

Jun 12, 6:16AM EDT0

Hello, thank you for writing and the kind words! I am going through a hard battle in my mind, but in the opinions of others- I am doing quite well. I may not say I am depressed- I dress well, eat well, workout, go outside, I do everything-I still love life. But I am so sad, and most of all angry. The major problem I have besides sadness and grief is that it showed on my muscles and angles, they hurt and are tough all the time, as I am in constant anxiety. Will need to see the rheumatologist. I am so sorry for your mom, I wish you and her all the best!

Jun 12, 11:18AM EDT0

who are the philosophers you agree with?

Jun 11, 12:16PM EDT0

Hello there, what an interesting question! I agree with Aristotel mostly, Platon and Sokrat.

Jun 11, 1:58PM EDT0
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Hello! Do you believe in destiny?

Jun 11, 7:42AM EDT0

Hi! Nice and interesting question. I may say I don't believe, but sometimes it seems legit that destiny leads our lives. Although, I may say I do not believe :)

Jun 11, 10:30AM EDT0
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Hi! You a unique person - I wish you all the best! What are your main plans for the future?

Jun 10, 6:01AM EDT0

Main plans are to go to the village and live there with my husband. Got tired of cities, crowds, and system in general. I love animals and nature. Hopefully, in 5-10 years will have a child, and be one calm and happy family.

Jun 10, 11:25AM EDT0
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How did you feel during pregnancy?

Jun 10, 4:06AM EDT0

I felt great until the day I was in a labor. I was so calm all the time (which is not my natural state hehe ), full of energy, got prettier etc.

Jun 10, 11:24AM EDT0
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Don't you want to play in a band? Maybe, you sing also?

Jun 10, 2:40AM EDT0

I played earlier, now I am on a break, got tired of it, maybe someday. The people, the crowd... I don't know to sing but would love to know.

Last edited @ Jun 10, 11:27AM EDT.
Jun 10, 11:24AM EDT0
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Dragana, to you, does your life have a meaning? As for me, sometimes nothing makes sense.

Jun 10, 12:17AM EDT0

Although I have an anxiety disorder and got depressed clinically after those tragedies, I somehow always find sense-I love nature, I take long walks, put my headphones on, enjoy the moments... Life is about the moments.

Jun 10, 11:23AM EDT0
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Did doctors warn you somehow?

Jun 10, 12:00AM EDT0

No, they didn't know, although I said 2 days before delivery that I feel something is wrong, they just convinced me that I am just in some kind of panic which is not valid. They said everything was okay. Glad I listened to my inner voice, that is why I am alive now.

Jun 10, 11:22AM EDT0
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Hi! What projects do you do for Upwork?

Jun 9, 10:58PM EDT0

I work on writing articles and creative writing. Also, when needed-data entry.

Jun 10, 11:21AM EDT0
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What books do you read?

Jun 9, 9:07PM EDT0

Now I am reading Orvel -1984. An amazing book. Besides that, I love to read Herman Hesse, Niche etc

Jun 10, 11:20AM EDT0
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Hello Dragana! Does your husband support you in any way?

Jun 9, 8:52PM EDT0

Yes, he does, he is my soulmate. We get along great. Even in these hard times we just became more close and stronger, which is the test for true love.

Jun 10, 11:20AM EDT0
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What is your opinion about religion as a way to deal with problems?

Jun 9, 8:08PM EDT0

I am not a classical religious person. I don't follow any religion. I may call myself a spiritualist. I believe in energy and souls, I believe a Universe has a much bigger secret for us that we will find out when we die. But I love to read many different religious books, and as I saw- the point is always the same. Be a good person, don't harm another, help when you can, and that is what fulfills my life.

Jun 10, 11:19AM EDT0
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Dragana, what is your main goal in life now?

Jun 9, 7:47PM EDT0

To be healthy, and to maintain depression and anxiety. 

Jun 10, 11:17AM EDT0
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Have you got a favourite baking recipe?

Jun 9, 7:08PM EDT0

No, I never follow the recipes. I bake what I want, depending on the mood I'm in, and of course of the groceries, I have in the fridge. But my favorite is cherry pie.

Jun 10, 11:16AM EDT0
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Have you thought about bringing a pet into your house? It's something, really!

Jun 9, 5:45PM EDT0

No, I haven't. We live on a 5th floor and don't even have an elevator in the building. I love pets, but I would never cage a dog in an apartment, or a cat. My parents have a house and we have so many animals there. I would never buy a bird because I believe that birds are born to fly, also fishes are born to be in their natural habitat. That's why I don't have a pet.

Jun 10, 11:15AM EDT0
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Yoga is a perfect way to relax and look at your life from a different angle! How long have you been doing it?

Jun 9, 4:09PM EDT0

I totally agree with you, I've been doing it for 5 years now.

Jun 10, 11:14AM EDT0
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Why cooking?:-)

Jun 9, 2:48PM EDT0

Because everyone needs to eat, and I don't like to eat out where I don't know what someone puts in my meal, or how it's made. Also, I am not a fan of fast food and artificially made products. Cooking actually, besides everything I said, saves so much money.

Jun 10, 11:13AM EDT0
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What is yoga for you?

Jun 9, 2:15PM EDT0

Yoga is like a therapy to me. As I am often nervous and my muscles get tight, after doing yoga I feel much much better. Now, I need it daily, sometimes even few times.

Jun 10, 11:12AM EDT0
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Do we have free will, in your opinion?

Jun 9, 1:08PM EDT0

I think we actually don't. I remember my high school teacher, and it was true, as I didn't believe it then- freedom doesn't exist.

Jun 10, 11:11AM EDT0
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After what happened, have you thought about immortality - do we need this or no?

Jun 9, 1:04PM EDT0

No, I didn't think about it. I think the energy is immortal, but body is mortal. Energy just transcendences itself.

Jun 10, 11:11AM EDT0
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